How to work with TeachersShare

TeachersShare strives to make marketplace engagement as simple as possible. Please follow the procedure below.

  1. Review the terms of teacher/content creator agreement
  2. Prepare your products
    • review suggestions on what to post
    • review the Appropriate Content Checklist
    • review the Copyright checklist
  3. Decide on the product pricing
  4. Register your store
  5. Upload your products

Approval Procedure

Once you register to be a seller, our team will review your information and will accept you as a seller. This step is necessary to avoid scams and inappropriate content. After you are accepted, you can start posting your content.

Our team will review your content for the following focusing on:

  • copyrighted content (details below)
  • appropriate content (details below)

If there is a breach of our content guidelines, your content will be temporally suspended and you will receive an email explaining the suspension.

If you disagree with our decision to suspend the content, please email us the details explaining why you think the content was unfairly removed. If our team deems you to be correct, we will reinstate the content. If, however, we find grounds for this infringement, we will remove the content permanently.


TeachersShare is not responsible for any infringement of the copyright law. It is the responsibility of the teacher/content creator to become familiar and abide by the Canadian Copyright Law. An infringement of the Canadian Copyright Law will result in the teacher/content creator’s content removed from the website. If this infringement is repetitive, TeachersShare reserves the right to dissolve the partnership with the teacher/content creator. TeachersShare doesn’t provide any legal advice nor does it have any authority to make any legal judgment.

Please review A Guide to Copyright and Copyright Matters.

Second party copyright law infringement

Should the teacher/content creator notice a second party infringement of the copyright law, they are to notify the TeachersShare admin team in writing. This might include the teacher/content creator’s personal claim to the content. The TeachersShare admin team will investigate the matter and will derive a solution in a timely manner.  Please fill out the Copyright Dispute Form and email it to [email protected]

Teachers who are notified of the infringement of the copyright policy and believe their content was removed unfairly, please fill out the Content Removal Dispute Form and email it to [email protected]

Content Development

TeachersShare was developed to support but it’s not limited to Canadian educators. The content is owned by the teacher/content creator. The content should be fully inclusive and not offensive to different cultures, gender, creed, race, and/or age.  Consider the following guidelines as you write or prepare content for your store.

Content including any of the following will be removed from the website:

  • understating or overstating the importance of historical events such as wars, natural disasters, oppression, dictatorship, distressing or unsettling events, etc. 
  • disrespectful, discriminatory, or judgmental content criticizing one’s beliefs, experiences or ethnic differences and/or origin
  • obscene or inappropriate language and/or images
  • activities and/or content inappropriate for a specific age group (K-12)
  • cyberbullying

Content to be posted:

  • lesson plans
  • individual lessons
  • lesson, unit, course planners
  • teacher’s calendars
  • assessment rubrics
  • books
  • flashcards
  • poems
  • games
  • activities, exercises, worksheets
  • classroom visuals
  • posters

Click here for a document explaining more about the Content Design

General Guidelines

  • Do not post services
  • Do not post non-educational content
  • Do not direct buyers to another sales channel
  • Keep your prices consistent (if you are selling outside of this website)
  • Do not offer the resources you are selling on this site free elsewhere

Each resource should be available for download in its entirety. This means that there should be no additional resources, tools, links or steps.

Click here for the Checklist Identifying Appropriate Content

Read more about appropriate content from the following sites:

Appropriation vs. Incorporation: Indigenous Content in the Canadian History Classroom

Digital Trends and Initiatives in Education: The Changing Landscape for Canadian Content

Black-Focused Content Matters: Incorporating Black Canadian Perspectives in the Classroom

A Resource Guide for Bringing Canadian Indigenous Culture into the Classroom

Privacy Policy

Please read the TeachersShare Privacy Policy here.

Setting up your Store

Please refer to the following handout called Content Design.

Communication Policy

TeachersShare promotes courteous open communication between the teachers, and with the teacher/content creator

Please follow the TeachersShare netiquette:

  • remember to treat others the way they want to be treated
  • behave Ethically and Responsibly
  • keep in mind that your message or comment is permanent
  • respect societal norms
  • restrict emails/postings/comments to the related material only
  • keep ‘Flame Wars’ under control
  • be polite when informing someone of an error
  • be forgiving of other’s mistakes

Commission Policy

  1. The commission paid out to the seller on each sale is 55%.
  2. TeachersShare reserves the right to review the commission rate after one year
  3. The seller/teacher-content creator must open the PayPal account and include the PayPal email when setting up your store.
  4. TeachersShare will pay the commission once a month through PayPal.

Teacher/content creator Policy/Agreement

By setting up your store, you agree to the following:

I have read, understood and accept the following:

  1. The Canadian copyright law (If I am not a Canadian citizen, I’ve read and understood the copyright law of my country)

2. I understand that any infringement of the copyright law will result in my content removed from the website. If this infringement is repetitive, we reserve the right to dissolve our partnership with the teacher/content creator.

3. I understand the Appropriate Content Policy. I understand that any infringement, intentional or unintentional, of the Appropriate Content Policy will result in my content removed from the website. If this infringement is repetitive, we reserve the right to dissolve our partnership with the teacher/content creator.

4. The commission policy.

5. The teacher/vendor/content creator reserves the right to remove the content from TeachersShare website at any time.

6. TeachersShare reserves the right to dissolve the partnership with the teacher/vendor/content creator at any time should there be a breach of any of the TeachersShare policies.