Pronunciation Reference Guide


It includes the following overviews and definitions of the following topics:
• Vowels (as in the International Phonetic Alphabet)
• Consonants (as in the International Phonetic Alphabet)
• Rules of Voicing
• Homonyms
• Consonantal Ellipsis
• Vowel Ellipsis
• Minimal Pair Cont. Problematic Combinations
• Schwa
• Shifting of stress and schwa
• Diphthongs
• Canadian Raising
• Assimilation
• Assimilation in Relaxed Speech
• Voiceless Stops
• Linking
• Tap/Flap
• -nt- reduction
• Word Stress
• Moving Stress
• Suffixes
• Types of Stress
• Sentence Stress
• Compounds
• Intonation
• Contrastive Intonation
• Stress Movement
• Places of Articulation (Glides and Articulators)




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Product Description

This resource is for those teachers and instructors who teach English as a Second Language and/or for those who have ESL learners in their classes. It is meant to serve as the teacher’s reference or a handout to the students. It includes four pages with dense text. It is an excellent overview for those who teach pronunciation or who want to use this guide as a reference for themselves.


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