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Mrs. Smith's Classroom

I've been a teacher for over 30 years. I've taught grade school, high school and adults in Canada. My favourite part of the job is developing my own content specifically simplifying complex concepts through visuals. In recent years, I've been researching tools such as mindfulness that can help teachers and students stay resilient. In my store, I offer mostly visuals and activities that I use in my own classroom. They can be used as posters or handouts whatever suits you as a teacher. I hope you can find what I've created useful.



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      This package includes 10 visuals the teacher can use as posters or handouts. It includes the following visuals:


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      Activities in this package offer educators practical solutions to avoid or decrease emotional
      exhaustion. They provide simple tools to enhance a sense of well-being and awareness of
      emotional reactivity. Built on the core practices of mindfulness, positive psychology, and
      behavioural change principles, these activities provide educators with step-by-step
      guidance to manage their everyday stressors.

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      This package includes 14 visuals describing different types of writing. Each visual includes a short description of the writing style followed by examples.

      1. The Memoir
      2. Opinion writing
      3. Narrative
      4. Short Writing
      5. Journal
      6. Poetry
      7. Parts of News Report
      8. Short Story vs. Personal Narrative
      9. Summarizing
      10. Summarizing vs. Retelling
      11. Expository vs. Informational Writing
      12. Narrative Perspective
      13. The 5 Paragraph Essay
      14. A Comparison Paragraph



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      This package consists of visuals to help students improve their writing skills. These skills are valuable for grades 7-12, higher education and 6+CLB levels.

      1. Checking Reliability
      2. Visual Story – a checklist
      3. Research Plan Checklist
      4. Understanding the Assignment
      5. 5 Ws and H
      6. KWL Chart
      7. Draft
      8. An Annotation Guide
      9. The Rhetorical Triangle
      10. A Topic Sentence
      11. A Narrative Perspective
      12. Thesis Statement vs. Topic Statement
      13. The Thesis Statement
      14. Generating Ideas
      15. Graphic Organizers



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      This package consists of 14 visuals the teacher can use teaching the short story unit. It is designed for grades 9-12. Teachers can use them as a poster or a handout. It includes:

      1. Parts of a Story
      2. Short story vs. Personal Narrative
      3. Characteristics of a Story
      4. Theme vs. Main Idea
      5. Plot
      6. Characterization
      7. Character Traits
      8. Webbing Graph
      9. 5 Ws and H
      10. Addition/Concession
      11. Onomatopoeia
      12. Similes
      13. Symbolism
      14. A Pun

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