Short Story Package


This package consists of 14 visuals the teacher can use teaching the short story unit. It is designed for grades 9-12. Teachers can use them as a poster or a handout. It includes:

1. Parts of a Story
2. Short story vs. Personal Narrative
3. Characteristics of a Story
4. Theme vs. Main Idea
5. Plot
6. Characterization
7. Character Traits
8. Webbing Graph
9. 5 Ws and H
10. Addition/Concession
11. Onomatopoeia
12. Similes
13. Symbolism
14. A Pun


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Product Description

This package consists of visuals the teacher can use teaching the short story in grades 9-12. It includes the description of the short story elements, the plot and the characters. It also includes organizational tools – webbing graph and 5Ws and H.  It has one visual describing addition/concession students can use in writing their short story and it also includes figurative devices – onomatopoeia, similes, pun and symbolism (explanation with examples).


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